LBM Training Course
Over the last years, the Lattice-Boltzmann Method has developed as a competitive technique in modeling fluid flows. Compared to "classical" methods, the LBM exhibit various advantages, in particular when simulating flows in complex geometries or dynamic problems. The present short course intents to provide an overview over the current state of the LBM technique with a focus on high performance computing and parallelization aspects. Novices in CFD will find useful practical aspects of LBM. More advanced practitioners will find helpful hints regarding optimization and tuning of their own codes. The course also comprises hands on tutorials.

The course instructors are:

  • Dr. Gerhard Wellein, RRZE Erlangen, Germany
  • Dr. Thomas Zeiser, RRZE Erlangen, Germany
  • Dr. Peter Lammers, Uni Stuttgart, Germany
  • Prof. Manfred Krafzyck, TU Braunschweig, Germany
  • Prof. Gunther Brenner, TU Clausthal, Germany
  • Prof. Boris Chetverushkin, IMAMOD, Russia

Course Material:

Parallel and Distributed Scientific Computing
The course intends to give a survey of modern software tools for parallel and distributed scientific computing for the computational fluid dynamicist. Every aspect of the short course will be illustrated by numerical examples and software. The course will begin with a general description of parallel computing and survey generic tools such as MPI. This will be followed by a presentation of PETSc, a general purpose scientific computing library that implements state of the art parallel numerical algorithms and provides a framework for the development of large scale codes. This presentation will be given by one of the main authors of this library, which is broadly used throughout the world. The course will finish with a survey of algorithms that have been developed for distributed and grid computing, with applications to CFD.

The course instructors are:

  • Dr. Matthew G. Knepley, Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL.
  • Hatem Ltaief, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Houston.

Tutorial Repository